Stop Making Your Acne Worse

Finally got rid of acne before but you are getting them again now? That is just frustrating. Having to go through the whole treatment again is tedious. But wait, because you might actually not need to. For whatever reason, it is that you are suffering from acne today, the things you continually do can have drastic effects. Let me just let you in on some of the habits people do to make their acne condition worse.

Giving up on the best acne treatment too soon. So, you went in the store and chose an acne product you prefer. After a week or two without seeing significant results, you ditch it and purchase a different product. Well you should not be impatient like that. Over the counter acne products takes 2-4 or even 4-6 weeks to kick in. If after that duration the acne treatment doesn’t get you the results it promised, you might have severe acne and it is time for you to see a dermatologist.

Squeeze-popping your pimples. This is a bad idea. It will tear the top out of your bump making it open and more susceptible to bacteria and infection. It gets even worse because you think that you’re pushing the blockage out but you are actually pushing it far down. Doing so will leave something you wouldn’t like – scars.

High carb and starchy diet. Studies have shown that starchy food such as pasta, white bread and potato chips or in general food with high glycemic index. It is because it spikes up insulin and blood glucose that triggers a hormonal response that can lead to breakouts.

Hair products. Ever wonder why you’re getting acne on around the hairline but not on the cheeks or nose? You might want to be more careful on how you use your hairspray. Make sure you do not apply it on the skin of your face. It might contain ingredients that will irritate your skin and clog your pores.

Washing your face too much. Washing your face twice daily is all you need. Too much washing and/or exfoliating will scrub off moisture and essential oil. Your skin cells will recognize it in turn making more oil in the process which can lead to acne.

You might be oblivious of it but your daily routine might very well be the culprit of your worsening acne. These are just but a few things you can be mindful of next time that could actually make your skin skin look a lot better.